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Group Project for CHLD 90.1 - School
Interview with Melissa Holmes-Bradley
The Teacher's Role in Socialization
The Teacher's Role: Do's and Don'ts
Overview of How School Influences Children
The Purpose of Schools in Socialization
Socialization Methods in the School
Interview with Melissa Holmes-Bradley
Frances McMillan, Elementary School Teacher
Homeschooling and Socialization

By Lauren Anderson


Q: How long have you been teaching? 
A: I have been teaching for 9 years in Sonoma County with the Piner-Olivet School District. 
Q: In your time teaching, have you ever had a student that had a more difficult time adjusting to your classroom and learning the curriculum? 
A: Yes, I have had a couple students that for one reason or another simply did not like to be in class. At such an early age it's sad to see a child so disinterested in school that they won't participate at all. Then there are also those students that like to just sit by themselves and avoid all contact entirely. 
Q: In my research I have found a number of articles stating that elementary school is a time when teachers should give students less attention and make them be more independent. Would you agree? 
A: Absolutely not. Personally I like to think I give my students as much personal attention as I can. I think that it is important for them to gain some independence and responsibility, but at the same time we must nurture them enough to keep them motivated. I think if we put to much importance on students being independent that they lose interest in school all together. 
Q: Do you find that your school district is supportive of your philosophy on teaching? 
A: Yes, I know a lot of my colleagues that share the same view on teaching as well as some members of the school board. Our parents are also very active in our classrooms and with the school board to ensure that their children are getting the very best experience possible from their teachers.

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