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Group Project for CHLD 90.1 - School

Overview of How School Influences Children

The Teacher's Role in Socialization
The Teacher's Role: Do's and Don'ts
Overview of How School Influences Children
The Purpose of Schools in Socialization
Socialization Methods in the School
Interview with Melissa Holmes-Bradley
Frances McMillan, Elementary School Teacher
Homeschooling and Socialization

By Lauren Anderson


Children experience a whole set of new situations when they reach school age pertaining to the development of socialization. They go from a relatively relaxed environment to one that is more structured and led by an unrelated person. Children must adapt to two new relationship models at school, the teacher-student and peer relationships. This new experience is often the first time that children are asked to develop bonds with other people and learn how to work in unison with others. Though teachers can develop their own methods of handling their students, the general theme of schooling appears to be taking up the belief that students should receive less individual attention and more individuality. It is also during this time that children begin to develop more attitudes towards things, such as school work and their fellow students. Therefore if a child isn't encouraged at this stage to seek knowledge and want to experience things, they will sometimes develop the opposite reaction to school. Knowing how much a child's early school years affect their development, teachers must then attempt to develop the best program that they can within their classrooms to promote learning and socialization as a means of further that child's capacity for success in the future.

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